The public participation professional French network

“L’Institut de la Concertation” is a French network which brings together actors and professionals who work in the field of citizen’s participation, public debate, collective management of common resources and new forms of public policy governance.

Institute members are practioners, academics or project managers who work in counseling, research laboratories, associations, training centers, local authorities and public or private firms. Their area of expertise varies from town and country planning, environment, urban development, science and technology assessment.

Observations and proposals

Under citizen’s pressure and public regulation, public debates and citizens consultation are increasing. It is then necessary to collectively work for these arrangements to be more constructive and to become a real space for public discussion.

Our goals are therefore to:
  • exchange on discussion practices by creating a fruitful dialogue between researchers and practioners
  • develop training activities
  • question public authorities on their use of participatory arrangements



The “Institut de la Concertation” is open to debate and discussion among its members. Its activities evolves according to its participants wishes. Since 2009 it has organized seminars between practioners and academics in Paris, Lyon or Montpellier.

It also currently works on skills and professional training in the area of public debate. You can consult its web site and subscribe to its mailing list which allows a dialogue between its network members.

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